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RDF Techtalks #2 with Jerrold Soh

State of Legal Innovation in Asia-Pacific

Law and computation are often thought of as being two distinct fields. Increasingly, that is not the case.

This is what was covered during this free webinar: ​

Introduction: Brian Minutti – Partner at Chavez Vargas Minutti

Speaker: Jerrold Soh – Singapur Management University & Co-founder Lex Quanta.


1. Brief introduction of Jerrold Soh: how he got into legal tech and what he does at Singapore Management University (SMU) and in his role as co-founder of Lex Quanta.

2. Introduction to key concepts in legal innovation: what is «disruption», «innovation», etc, and how they apply to the law.

3. What’s happened in the (recent) past: an overview of legal innovation in Asia-Pacific (based on the APAC report).

4. What’s happening now: new interesting developments.

5. What might happen tomorrow: ruminations on developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and legal academia that could translate into legal tech software in the future. ​

6. APAC legal innovation is worth paying attention to because: APAC includes diverse legal systems different from the U.S. where many legal tech solutions were developed and will be a good test of whether U.S. born legal innovation can scale across countries.

APAC includes the world’s biggest legal markets – China, India, Russia, Australia, all of which are not only adopting U.S.-born legal innovation, but developing their own in response to local conditions.

Singapore, in particular, has recently, and in a short time span, pushed out numerous initiatives that have attracted global law firms to establish innovation centers there, big legaltech players to enter the market, while also increasing local legal innovation.

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