Future of Law and Computational Technologies with Dan Linna

Law and computation are often thought of as being two distinct fields. Increasingly, that is not the case.

This is what will be covered during the webinar:

Dan Linna explores the ways a computational approach could help address some of the biggest challenges facing the legal industry.

During this webinar, Dan talked with us about his work in Northwestern and how can artificial intelligence (“AI”) introduce opportunities to improve legal processes and facilitate social progress.

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Un comentario

  1. Excelente la guía Red de Firmas, tan bien elaborada e ilustrada por Pepe Toriello. Gusta por su claridad y orden en la exposición de los diversos temas abordados.
    sin duda será muy útil para quienes se dedican a la producción y venta de bienes y servicios, tanto en México como en otros países del mundo.

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