Maximizing the Impact of Your Webinars

The average in-house counsel receives more than thirty invitations every week to attend Webinars

and then, most of them leave after only ten minutes. Structuring an effective webinar that holds the audience’s attention and creates a base of loyal followers is not a simple thing to do.

Actors study for years to have a good presence on camera

and then they have a director guiding them through the subtleties of their performance. It is not easy, and it is not natural for most of us to do. And that is why most lawyers do not do a good job either in video calls with their current, and potential clients or as panel members in Webinars.

In our own webinar

Liza Vasquez and Jeffrey Silber, partners of Silber, Vasquez & Associates talked to us about how to be more successful in the New Normal where we are all just little faces in squares on a computer.


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