New Strategies of Legal Practice for New Times:

Technologies and Tactics


Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law


What are the impacts of new technological innovations, including machine learning and data analytics, on the modern practice of law?


Experiments with regulatory reform, in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere, aim to encourage greater innovation and enhanced access to justice. What are the prospects for more far-reaching, and even radical, reform? What might this mean for the provision of legal services and the structure of legal profession?


The global COVID-19 crisis has brought with it a number of complex legal challenges. The legal profession must respond with ingenuity and energy to tackle and surmount these challenges. What are the most acute issues confronting the legal system in the U.S. and around the world? Can we use technology in especially imaginative ways to meet the demands posed by this public health crisis?

Presented by:

Pepe Toriello
  • May 7th, 2020
  • 5:00pm, CST

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