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Video Powered Change Reducing Resistance in Legal Ops

Are you facing challenges in adopting new software within your legal operations? Join us for an engaging webinar featuring Jenn McCarron, a seasoned CLOC Board Member, who will share her innovative strategies for overcoming these hurdles using video training.

🔹 What You’ll Learn:

Challenges of Change Management in Legal Ops: Insight into common obstacles teams encounter when introducing new tools and the critical role of effective change management.

The Power of Video Training: Learn how short and engaging video tutorials can significantly ease the learning curve and accelerate software adoption.

Real-World Success Stories: Jenn McCarron will share case studies demonstrating the successful application of video training to enhance team efficiency and reduce disruptions.

Creating Effective Training Videos: Discover best practices for producing video content that is both impactful and engaging for your team.

🎤 About Jenn McCarron:

Jenn brings extensive experience in legal operations and has pioneered the use of video training to facilitate smooth transitions to new software systems.

📅 Why You Should Attend:

This webinar is perfect for team leaders, legal ops professionals, and anyone involved in tech adoption in legal settings. Gain practical insights and strategies to enhance your team’s adaptability and efficiency.

✅ Who Should Join:

Legal operations managers, IT professionals in law firms, team leaders in legal departments, and any legal professional involved in process improvement.

💡 Transform your legal operations with strategic video training. Learn from the best and make technology adoption seamless within your team.

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Interactive Q&A Session:

Don’t miss the live Q&A segment where you can ask Jenn McCarron and other experts your most pressing questions about change management and video training.

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