AI Real Use Cases to 100x Efficiency of Legal Professionals

Join us for an enlightening webinar with Damien Riehl, a trailblazer in legal technology, as we delve into the game-changing capabilities of SALI Alliance™ and vLex’s Vincent AI. Discover how these innovative tools are revolutionizing case management, legal research, and collaboration across the legal industry.

🔹 What You’ll Learn:
How SALI’s standardized taxonomy can streamline your legal operations.
The advanced capabilities of Vincent AI in enhancing accuracy and efficiency in legal research.
Strategies to significantly reduce external counsel costs through technology.
Ways to enhance the strategic operations of in-house legal departments with cutting-edge technology.

🎤 About Damien Riehl:
Damien is a recognized leader in legal technology and innovation. His expertise in implementing transformative technologies will provide invaluable insights into how legal professionals can future-proof their practices and drive innovation.

📅 Why You Should Watch:
This session is crucial for legal professionals aiming to leverage technology for more efficient practice management and to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

✅ Who Should Attend:
Legal practitioners, law firm managers, in-house counsel, and anyone interested in legal technology and innovation.

💡 Embrace the future of legal practice and discover how to utilize these advanced tools to their full potential.

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