What is Red de Firmas?

We are an innovation consulting firm for lawyers with the goal of helping corporate legal teams and law firms to work better and faster using technology.

Since I finished law school, I realized how low-tech lawyers are and that there was a large area for improvement.

We spend more than 12 hours inside the office every day and half of this time is spent on administrative tasks that we could automate easily.

If I can tell you something, it is that technology is not going to replace lawyers, but lawyers who use technology are going to replace those who are not.


Pepe Toriello

Founder & CEO

Javier Melo

Senior Implementer

Maria Elena Elorza

Marketing Strategy Advisor

Nacho Mendivil

Cybersecurity and Criptography Advisor

Fernando González

Senior Implementer

Diego Navarro

Web & Graphic Design